High School

High School Students
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Numbers system Polynomials
Coordinate geometry Linear equations in two variables
Introduction to Euclid’s geometry Lines and angles
Triangles Quadrilaterals
Areas of parallelograms and triangles Circles
Constructions Heroin’s formula
Surfaces areas and volumes Statistics
English –
Articles Determiners with countable and uncountable nouns
Compounds Uses of both, all, neither and none
Future tenses Simple present and present continuous
Tenses Uses of will and shall
Uses of used to and would Modals
Connectors Personal pronouns
Passive voice Narration
Science –
matter in our surroundings is matter around us pure
atoms and molecules structure of the atom
the fundamental unit of life tissues
diversity in living organism motion
force and laws of motion gravitation
work and energy sound
Why do we fall ill? Natural resources
Improvement in food resources

Mathematics –
Real numbers Polynomial
Pair of linear equations in two variables Quadratic equation
Arithmetic progressions Triangles
Coordinate geometry Introduction to trigonometry
Some applications of trigonometry Circles
Constructions Areas related to circles
Surface area and volumes Statistics
Science –
Chemical reactions and equations Acids, bases and salts
Metals and non- metals Carbon and its compounds
Periodic classification of elements Life processes
Control and coordination How do organisms reproduce?
Heredity and evolution Light- reflection and refraction
The human eye and the colorful world Electricity
Magnetic effects of electric current Sources of energy
Our environment Management of natural resources
English –
A letter to god Nelson Mandela long Walk to freedom
Two stories about flying From the diary of Anne frank
The hundred dresses-1st The hundred dresses-2nd
Glimpses of India Mijbil the otter
Madam rides the bus The sermon at Benares
The proposal
Novel –
Three man in a boat A merchant of Venice
Story of my life

estimation and units measurement of length, volume, time and mass
experimentation motion in one dimension
laws of motion pressure in fluids and atmospheric pressure
up thrust in fluids and Archimedes principle floatation and relative density
heat transfer of heat
energy flow and conservation of resources reflection of light at a plane surface
spherical mirrors propagation of sound waves
static electricity current electricity
elements, compounds and mixtures matter and its composition
study of gas laws language of chemistry
physical and chemical changes water
atomic structure the periodic table
study of first element- hydrogen atmospheric pollution
introducing biology cell: the unit of life
tissues: plant and animal tissues the flower
pollination and fertilization respiration in plants
five kingdom classification economic importance of bacteria and fungi
nutrition digestive system
movements and locomotion skiing- the jack of all trades
the respiratory system hygiene- [ a key to healthy life]
diseases: cause and control aids to health
health organization waste generation and management
rational and irrational numbers profit, loss and discount
compound interest expansions
factorization changing the subject of the formula
linear equations and simultaneous equations indices
logarithms triangles
congruent triangles isosceles triangles
inequalities construction of triangles
mid- point theorem similarity
Pythagoras theorem Rectilinear figures
Construction of quadrilaterals Area theorem
Statistics Mean and median of ungrouped data
Mensuration 1st Mensuration 2nd
Trigonometry Coordinate geometry1
social syudy
history and civics
the Harappa civilizations the Vedic period
India in the sixth century BC the maurya empire
the sangam age the age of the guptas
the medieval india- (a) south india and the cholas the medieval india- (b) the delhi sultanate
the Mughal empire emergence of composite culture
the beginning of the modern age in Europe –(a) renaissance the beginning of modern age in Europe- (b) the reformation
the beginning of the modern age in Europe – (c) industrial revolution our constitution
salient features of the constitution Salient features of the constitution- (a) fundamental rights and duties
Salient features of constitution- (b) directive principle of state policy Elections
Political parties Local self- government rural
Local self- government urban
our world the earth’s grid
motions of the earth- rotation and revolution landforms of the earth
rocks volcanoes
earthquakes folding and faulting
weathering importance of oceans
movements of oceans water composition and structure of the atmosphere
insolation and heat balance pressure belts and types of winds
precipitation – its types and courses types of pollution
sources of pollution effects of pollution
abatement of pollution natural regions of the world
meaning and definition of economics basic concepts of economics
basic problems of an economy types of economics
characteristics of the Indian economy food security in india
industry poverty in india
problem of unemployment in india human capital formation in india
social infrastructure consumer awareness
tenses determiners
modals connectors
active and passive voice Tenses
Adverbs Prepositions
Conjunctions Punctuation
Comparison Parts of a sentence
Phrases Clauses
Types of sentences Question tags
Direct and indirect speech Voice

force work, energy and power
machines refraction of light at plane surfaces
refraction through a lens spectrum
sound current electricity
electrical power and household circuits electromagnetism
calorimetric the bionic emission and radioactivity
periodic table- periodic properties and variations of properties
chemical bonding- logic compounds and covalent compounds
study of acids, bases and salts
uses of ammonium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide
mole concept and stoichiometry
electrolytes, non- electrolysis metallurgy
study of compounds- hydrogen chloride study of compounds- ammonia and nitric acid
sulphuric acid organic chemistry- hydro carbons
cell- the structural and functional unit of life
basic biology
cell cycle, cell division and structure of chromosomes
genetics- some basic fundamental
absorption by roots- the processes involved
transpiration photosynthesis- provide of food for all
the circulatory system the excretory system [elimination of body wastes]
the nervous system endocrine glands- the producers of chemical messengers
the reproductive system population- the increasing numbers and rising problems
aids to health health organizations
pollution- a rising environmental problem
Trigonometrically identities Statistics: graphical representation
Probability Compound interest
Sales tax and value added tax Banking
Shares and dividends Linear in equations
Quadratic equation Coordinate geometry- reflection
Ratio and proportion Remainder and factor theorems
Matrices Distance and section formulae
Equation of a line Symmetry
Similarity Loci
Circle: arc, chord and cyclic properties Circle: chords and tangent properties
Circle: constructions Mensuration: circle
Mensuration: right circular cone and sphere Height and distance
Measures of central tendency mean Measures of central tendency- median and mode
Social study
History and civics
The first war of independence,1857 Growth of nationalism
Program and achievements of the early nationalists The rise of assertive nationalism
Partition of Bengal The muslim league
Lucknow pact, home rule league and august declaration Mahatma Gandhi and the national movement
Quit india movement Forward bloc and the INA
Independence and partition of india The first world war
Rise of dictatorships The second world war
United nations Major agencies of the united nations
Universal declaration of human rights Non- aligned movement
The union legislature The president and the vice president
Prime minister and council of ministers The supreme court
The high courts and subordinate courts
Climate of India Interpretation of the topographical maps
Location, extent, physical features of India- map study Waste management- 1
Natural vegetation of India Transport
Manufacturing industries in india- agro based Manufacturing industries in india- mineral based
Agriculture in india ll- cash crops Agriculture in india l- food crops
Minerals in india Soils in india
Water resources Waste management- ll
Factors of production Elementary theory of demand
Elasticity of demand Theory of supply
Meaning and scope of public finance Public revenue
Public expenditure Public debt
Meaning and function of money Inflation
Commercial banks Central banking
Consumer awareness
Economics applications
Elementary theory of demand Elasticity of demand
Theory of supply Factors of production
Nature and structure of markets The state and economic development
Meaning and functions of money Inflation
Commercial banks Central banking
Tenses Determiners
Modals Connectors
Active and passive voice Prepositions
Subject- verb agreement Finites, non- finites, participles
Relatives Conditionals
Comparison Avoiding repetition
Nominalization Parts of speech
Synthesis of sentences Transformation of sentences
Phrases and clauses Collocation
Word forms Figures of speech
Homophones and homonyms Synonyms and antonyms
Question formation Idioms and phrases
Prefixes and suffixes Direct and indirect speech
Correct usage Types of sentences (form)
Types of sentences (meaning)