Junior School

Junior Students
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Food Components of food
Fiber to fabric Sorting materials into groups
Separation of substances Changes around us
Getting to know plants Body movements
The living organisms and their surroundings Motion and measurement of distances
Light, shadow and reflections Electricity and circuits
Fun and magnets Water
Air around us Garbage in, garbage out
Pure substances and mixtures
Mathmatics –
Knowing our numbers Whole numbers
Playing with numbers Basic geometrical ideas
Understanding elementary shapes Integers
Fractions Decimals
Data handling Mensuration
Algebra Ratio and proportion
Symmetry Practical geometry
Social Science –
What, Where How and when On the tril of they earliest people
From gathering to growing food In the earliest cities
What books and burials tell us Kingdoms kings and an early republic
New questions and ideas Ashoka the emperor who gave up war
Vital villages thriving towns Traders kings and pilgrims
New empires and kingdoms Buildings paintings and books
The earth in the solar system Globe latitudes and longitudes
Maps Major domains of the earth
Major lands of the earth Our country India
India climate vegetation and wild life Democracy and Government
English –
Noun Pronouns
Verbs Tenses
Voice Adjectives
Adverb Reported speech
Dialogue completion Editing
Omission Notice writing
Speech Article
Paragraph Report
Story completion

Science –
Nutrition in plants Nutrition in animas
Fiber to fabric Heat
Acids, basis and salt Physical and chemical changes
Weather, climate and adaptations of animals to climate Winds, storms and cyclones
Soil Respiration in organisms
Transportation in animals and plants Reproduction in plants
Motion and time Electric current and its effects
Light Water: a precious resource
Forests: our lifeline Wastewater story
Mathematics –
Integers Fraction and decimal numbers
Introduction to rational numbers Powers
Algebraic expressions Ratio and proportion
Geometry: understanding shapes Symmetry
Representing 3d and 2D Congruence (with contractions)
Mensuration Data handling
Social Study –
Tracing changes through a thousand years New king and kingdoms
The Delhi sultans The mugal empire
Rulers and buildings Towns, traders and crafts persons
Devotional paths to the divine Eighteenth- century political formations
On equality Role of the government in health
How the state government works Growing up as boys and girls
Women can change the world Understanding media
Understanding advertising Market around us
A shirt in the market Struggle for quality
Environment Inside our earth
Our changing earth Air
Water Natural vegetation and wild life
Human environment- settlement Transport and communication
Human environment interactions the Tropical and the subtropical region
Life in the temperate grasslands Life in the deserts
English –
Articles Modals
Sentence structure Voice
Gender (noun) Kinds of adjective
Verbs Adverbs
Prepositions Conjunction
Interjections Report speech
Tenses Determiners
Conditional clause

Mathematics –
Rational numbers Linear equations in one variable
Understanding quadrilaterals Practical geometry
Data handling Squares and square roots
Cubes and cube roots Comparing quantities
Algebraic expressions and identities Visualizing solid shapes
Mensuration Exponents and powers
Direct and inverse proportions Factorization
Introduction to graphs Playing with numbers
English –
Letter Articles
Modals Parts of speech
Noun Pronoun
Adjective Verb
Preposition Conjunctions
Reported speech Active and passive voice
The gerund and infinitive Idioms
Fill in the blanks with the suitable words
Science –
Crop production and management Microorganisms- friend and foe
Synthetics fiber and plastic Material : metals and nonmetals
Coal and petroleum Combustion and flame
Conservation of plants and animals Cell- structure and functions
Reproduction in animals Reaching the age of adolescence
Force and pressure Friction
Sound Chemical effects of electric current
Some natural phenomena Light
Stars and the solar system Pollution of air and water
Social Studies –
Resources Land, soil, water, natural vegetation and Wildlife resources
Mineral and power resources Agriculture
Industries Human resources
[Social and political life]
The Indian constitution Understanding secularism
Why do we need a parliament? Understanding laws
Judiciary Understanding our criminal justice system
Understanding marginalization Public facilities
Law and social justice
[History Part “01”]
How, when and where From trade to territory
Ruling the countryside Tribal, dikus and the vision of a golden age
When people rebel Colonialism and the city
[History Part “02”]
Civilizing the native educating the nation India after independence
The changing world of visual arts The making of the national movement 1870-1947
Weavers iron smelters and factory owners Women, caste and reform

Physics –
Measurement Force
Friction Pressure
Work and energy Simple machines
Chemistry –
Basic chemistry Elementary concept of matter- states of matter
Elements, compounds and mixtures Separation of mixtures
Classification of changes- physical and chemical changes Air
Water Rock and soil
Biology –
Rocks and soil Life on earth
Structure and function of plant parts Health and hygiene
Our environment
Mathematics –
Sets-1 Number system
The integers Operations on integers
Factors and multiples Decimals
Fractions Power and roots
Ratio and proportion Percentag-1
Profit, loss and discount Simple interest
Algebraic expression Operations on algebraic expression
Linear equation in one variable Basic geometrical concepts
Angles Parallel lines and transversal
Practical geomatery-1 Circle
Triangle- 1 Linear symmetry
Perimeter and area of plane figures Volume and surface area of solids
Statistics -1
Social Study –
History and Civics
Source of history Life in prehistoric times
The Mesopotamian civilization The Egyptian civilization
The Harappa civilizations The Chinese civilization
Classical Minoan and Greek civilization The roman civilization
The early Vedic period The later Vedic period
Jainism and Buddhism The rise of Magadha
The mauryan empire The mauryan administration
The gupta empire South indian kingdoms
Introduction to civics Living in society
Communities in india Rural local self- government
Urban local self- government Preservation of public property
Mapping the earth The earth in space
Major land forms and water bodies Africa
Africa- study of selected countries Australia- land and resources
Australia- agriculture, industries and people New Zealand
English grammar
Parts of speech Nouns
Articles Pronouns
Adjectives Verbs
Tenses Adverbs
Propositions Conjunctions
Punctuations Comparison
Parts of a sentence Phrases
Clauses Types of sentences
Question tags Direct and indirect speech
Voice vocabulary

Physics –
Measurement Motion
Sound Heat
Light- the basic idea of shadow Reflection of light- plane mirror
Reflection of light- spherical mirrors electricity
Chemistry –
Introduction to chemistry – matter Physical and chemical changes
Properties of compounds and mixtures Fundamental chemistry- chemical terminology
Air, oxygen and oxides Hydrogen
Water Acids, basis and salts
Chemistry in our life
Biology –
Basic biology Organization in living things
Life under a microscope Life processes: movement in animals and plants
Life processes nutrition in animals and plants Life process: ingestion, digestion, absorption and assimilation
Life process: respiration and excretion
Sets concepts Operations on sets and Venn diagrams
Number system Integers
Hcf and lcm of numbers Fraction
Decimals Power and roots
Ratio and proportion Unitary method
Percentage Algebraic expressions
Frequency distribution and mean Perimeter and area
Exponents Special products
Linear equations in variable Graphs
Volume and surface area of solids Basic geometrical concepts- lines and angle
Congruence of triangles Parallel lines
Polygons Basic constructions
Triangles Circles
Graphical representation of data Symmetry
Factorization of algebraic expressions Simplification of algebraic expressions
Distance, times and speed Average
Formula Linear in equations
Relations and mapping Coordinate geometry- reflection
37. Rotation
Social Study
The medieval Europe: Christianity and the roman church Islam and its impact on the middle east
The Turkish invasion The mukluk dynasty
The khilji dynasty The tughlaq dynasty
Life under the delhi sultanate The vijaynagar and bahmani kingdoms
The early Mughals Sher shah suri
Akbar the great Jahangir and shahjahan
The reign of Aurangzeb and the marathas under shivaji Religions movements
The renaissance The making of our constitution
Fundamental rights and duties Directive principles of state policy
The union and state legislative The union executive
The state executive The judiciary
Locating places on the earth Motion of the earth
The lithosphere The hydrosphere
The atmosphere and the biosphere Weathering
For casting weather North America
North America sample studies South America
South America- sample studies Antarctica
English Grammar
Parts of speech Articles
Nouns Pronouns
Adjectives Verbs
Tenses Adverbs
Prepositions Conjunctions
Punctuation Comparison
Parts of a sentence Phrases
Clauses Types of sentences
Question tags Direct and indirect speech
Voice vocabulary

Physics –
The universe Refraction of light
Lenses Optical instruments
Heat Kinetic theory of matter
Pressure Archimedes’ principle
More about energy Static electricity
Current electricity Magnetism
13. Electromagnet and electromagnetic induction
Chemistry –
Matter around us Air and burning
Water Oxygen
Hydrogen Metals and non- metals
Electrolysis Structure of atom
Acids, basis and salts Hydrocarbons- an elementary study
Carbon and its compounds
Biology –
The circulatory system Transportation in plants
Human nervous system Sense organs
Chemical coordination of the body Asexual reproduction in plants
Sexual reproduction in plants Reproduction in animals
Health and hygiene Natural resources and their conservation
Pollution Food production and management
Useful, plants, animals and microbes
Sets concepts Number system- 1
Factors and multiples Decimals- 1
Squares and square root Cubes and cube roots
Ratio and proportion Percentage
Profit, loss and discount Simple and compound interest
Unitary methods and its applications Time and distance
Fundamental concepts and operations Algebraic identities
Factorization Simplification of algebraic expressions
Formulae Exponents
Linear equations Simultaneous linear equations
Linear graphs Quadratic equations
Linear in equations Relation and functions
Basic concepts of geometry Triangles
Special types of quadrilaterals Construction of special types of quadrilaterals
Some theorems on area Circle
Constructions Line symmetry, reflection and rotation
Areas of rectilinear figures Circumference and area of circle
Volume and surface area of solids Data handling
Social study –
History and Civics
Decline of the Mughal empire Rise of independent regional kingdom
The Carnatic wars: Anglo French rivalry The British conquest of Bengal
Expansion of British power in India Impact of british rule on india
Social, cultural and religious reform movements in India under British rule The uprising of 1857
Rise of india nationalism Indian national movement (1885-1916)
The Gandhi an era 1919-1932 Towards independence 1942-1947
The age of revolution Nationalist movements in Europe: 1815- 1870
The American civil war:- 1861- 1865 Environmental concerns
Over population and poverty Globalization
War and disarmament The united nations
Specialized agencies of the un India and her neighbors
Measurement of temperature and rainfall Controlling pollution
The solar system Weather and climate
Air pressure and wind system Humidity and rainfall
Europe- location, climate and vegetation Europe- resources and their utilization
Asia- location, climate and vegetation Asia- resources and their utilization
India ndia- sample studies
English Grammar
Parts of speech Nouns
Articles Pronouns
adjective Verbs
Tenses Adverbs
Prepositions Conjunctions
Punctuation Comparison
Parts of a sentence Phrases
Clauses Types of sentences
Question tags Direct and indirect speech
Voice Vocabulary
The interjection