Aditya Bansal


Mr. Aditiya Bansal teaches physics for class 11th and 12th. He has an excellent knowledge of his subject with a good command over it. He makes things possible for students to learn and revise. He has an experience of 7 years.



Mrs. Alisha Rajput teaches mathematics for class 6th to 10th. She is a teacher with the one of modern teaching method. She teaches students mathematics by giving suitable illustrative examples and different methods to solve respective problems according to the ability of the students. She has a working experience of 5 years.


Accounts & Economics

Mr.Hitesh Choudhary teaches accounts for class 11th,12th and graduation. He is a prominent teacher with a vast and deep knowledge of his subject. Commanding over a subject makes him a perfect Tutor for students. He has a working experience of 6 years.



Ms. Shweta Sharma teaches English, Science and Biology for class 6th to 12th. She inculcates the values of in teaching and vocational method. She empowers basic education needs of the students and encourage them to cope up with their difficulties. She is working from last 4 years.

V.N. Tyagi


Mr. V.N Tyagi teaches chemistry and biology for class 10th to 12th. He teaches Students with clarity and make the topics clear with good examples. He has a working experience Of 25 years.

Pretty Sharma


Mrs. Preeti Sharma teaches Economics for class 11th to graduation. She has a good knowledge of her subject. She teaches with different methods and make the child to understand each topic clearly. She has a working experience Of 10 years.